Selected Conferences

cuma yrc
Havighurst Center’s Young Researchers Conference, Cuma, Italy, 2017

May 2018, Literature, Language, and Storytelling Working Group (Participant), Making Contact 2018 workshop, UC Berkeley and online.

March 2018, “The Northeast Passage and the Annihilation of Oceanic Space in Aleksei Popogrebskii’s How I Ended This Summer.” Part of the “Oceanic Turn” stream, American Comparative Literature Association annual convention, UCLA, Los Angeles.

August 2017, Russian Literature of the Anthropocene workshop (co-organizer), online.

June 2017, “Three Aral Sea Films in the Soviet Plantationocene,” Havighurst Center’s
Young Researchers Conference (“Centennial, Commemoration, Catastrophe: 1917-2017 as Past and Present in Russia and Beyond”), Cuma, Italy.

May 2017, “Venturing to Tarkovsky’s Solaris in the Anthropocene” Canadian Associations
of Slavists Annual Conference, Toronto, ON.

February 2017, “Following Nabokov’s Butterflies in the Other-than-Anthropocene,”
AATSEEL Conference, San Francicso, CA

February 2017, Russian Literature of the Anthropocene stream, AATSEEL,
San Francisco, CA (organizer)

March 2016, “Russian Literature and the Struggle for Third Nature,” The Future, the Arts,
and Ecology, St. John’s, NL.

November 2015, “(Re)Production of Space in the North: Varlam Shalamov’s Kolyma
,” Annual Convention of the ASEEES, Philadelphia, PA.

January 2015, “The Ontology of Kharms’s Red-headed Man,” AATSEEL Annual
Conference, Vancouver, BC.

May 2014, “Creative Science and Daniil Kharms’s Attack on Kantian Philosophy,”
Canadian Associations of Slavists Annual Conference, St. Catharines, ON.