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Courses developed

The Making of Modern Russia (1000-level course)

The Russian Utopian Imagination (2000-level course)

The Russian Ecological Imagination (3000-level course)

Russian Film Since 1948 (3000-level course)

Russian and Soviet Film Until 1948 (3000-level course)

Eisenstein and Tarkovsky (4000-level course)


Courses taught

Memorial University of Newfoundland

Elementary Russian I & II (textbooks: Basic Russian, Golosa, Mezhdu nami [current])

Intermediate Russian I

Advanced Russian I & II

The Russian Utopian Imagination

The Russian Ecological Imagination

Russian Culture II: 1900-Present

Russian and Soviet Film Until 1948

Russian and Soviet Film Since 1948

Einstein & Tarkovsky

Russian Literature: 20th Century

Yale University

Elementary Russian I (TA) (textbook: Live from Moscow)

Milan Kundera: Czech Novelist & French Thinker (TA)

Studies in the Novel: Dostoevsky (TA)

Studies in the Novel: Tolstoy (TA)